Music And His Presence.


The power of music can never be underestimated. First created and formulated by God, it communicates deep down to the soul, it knows how to reach down and talk to the soul. There is no doubt that music is one way or the other accompanied by some form of spirit. And of course, true Christian music brings down God's presence. Now when I say this, I mean the well formed songs, and not random rhythms, even those for little children.
When ever a song is played, it transforms the state of the listener and the environment. It also has the ability to give an inner strength or lift the soul and much more. Hence, it is with caution that we should choose the songs we listen to, because overtime we become what we listen to as it shapes our lives. Also, we should never fail to praise God with the abundant songs he has given inspirations to.
      Happy weekend People!


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